LAS Connection | Mitel & AASTRA DECT Phones Video Demonstration | LAS connection with Mitel and AASTRA Phone Systems

AASTRA Phone System

Watch a short demonstration video of the LAS system connecting and sending alarms to Mitel & AASTRA Phone Systems.


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This Goes with That! | LAS with iServ Integration


Watch this presentation where you can see the interaction between LAS and iServ.  Check out LAS Integrates with iServ.


Sony Xperia Aqua M4 works with LAS


In our drive to widen the LAS usability further, we've now tested the LAS solution on the Sony Xperia Aqua M4.  Check out this video.

LAS 6.7 Release Update | More Features

LAS gets better all the time.  Read on to find out the latest updates in version 6.7 of the software.


  • LAS is now using Microsoft.NET 4.5. The upgrade is done automatically by the LAS setup, unless it’s already installed. Microsoft.NET 4.5 has been available for about 2 years and has also been pushed out through Windows Update, so most computers ought to have it installed already.
  • When wireless accessories and tags are added or removed, this is now logged in the server log. This allows tracking which user that e.g. deleted an accessory. The event is logged with session ID. During log on, both the created session ID and the username is logged, allowing session ID’s to be linked to individual users.
  • When users log in, their IP address is now logged in the server log.
  • When logging out from the Viewer (without closing the application), the password box is now automatically erased so that the user doesn’t need to erase it manually to prevent anyone from logging in with his/her account afterwards.
  • Window size handling has been improved so that window sizes are automatically adjusted to match window contents.






  • The alarm type REMINDER has been renamed to ACTION_DELAYED.
  • A new reminder function has been added that allows you to set, for each category of actions, a time before or after the action should start that you want to display a reminder to the user (and only that user) that is meant to perform the action. This is not an alarm.
  • The menu Planning is now only displayed in the phones if Planning is enabled in the license.

Latest Updates in LAS Version 6.6

We've been busy adding some new and improved features to LAS 6.6. Read on to find out more!

Improved Backup

  • If the connection is interrupted temporarily while transferring the backup, the upload will resume automatically.
  • Instead of transferring the entire backup every time, the difference (delta) between the last backup and the current one is calculated and only the parts that have changed are uploaded. The backup server will use the previous backup and the delta to recreate the full backup.

Better Planning

  • It’s now possible to pause decided actions. You can choose when the action is to be paused and when it should resume. For example, if the resident goes away over the weekend, you can input the dates as soon as you get the information and the action will be paused and resumed automatically.
    Pause Action
  • When an action is marked as performed, the reminders for that occurrence and any previous occurrence are removed. Any reminders for subsequent occurrences are not removed.
  • Improved error handling (better error messages).
  • The list of decided actions now also displays the name of the desired time slot, in addition to the interval.
  • The form layout where decided actions are defined has been improved. The name of the action is now automatically set to the name of the category. The name can be changed manually as needed.
    Decided Action
  • Assigned actions can now be “unassigned” from the handset, so that somebody else can accept and perform them.
  • Access to the different parts of the planning engine can now be controlled via a new set of privileges.
  • The schedule view now has a few zoom buttons.
  • Action Tags
  • If the user tries to add an already programmed tag, a warning will be shown at the beginning of the programming process (right after scanning the tag), instead of an error at the end of the process.
  • The supervision of the Reporter service has been improved so that an alarm will be issued more quickly when the connection is broken.
  • A cache for the Object Registry has been added in the Reporter service, speeding up devices such as BxoPager2.

All this and more in LAS Version 6.6

LAS Current Versions

Download whitepapers of the current versions of LAS Software showing features of each version.

Version 6.3

Version 5.6

Version 5.7

Version 5.8

A Lot More to LAS

LAS Communication devices can interface with a wide range of applications and platforms.  LAS interface solutions connect almost any system. LAS will work across many industries including Health, Education, Hospitality, Retail and many more. There is a lot of information within our website so please explore the site fully, but be sure to call us to discuss your needs so that we can show you how LAS may be the perfect solution for your market sector.

LAS Community Support

LAS projects often see us working with great people providing care to those who need it most.  It is our privilege to support Youngcare as our chosen charity.  To find out how you can help too, visit the Youngcare website.

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