Product Features

LAS Comes Packed With Features!

Local Alarm Solution integrates a number of different IT systems and telecommunications systems, such as GSM, 3G, 4G, local cordless telephony, paging systems, messaging systems, email and web-based systems.  We've tried to list all of the major features below.


  • Logging, statistics and routing is the foundation of LAS
  • Networking support with an unlimited number of operator seats
  • LAS Gateway - support for mobile alarm management via IP/GPRS/3G etc.
  • SiteMap - alarm visualization on building plans etc.
  • Sound module - playback of sound files on alarm
  • Programmable Parser - an easily programmable module for integration of all systems that have a logging output
  • Open script-based frontend for user customization and extension
  • Powerful report generator for statistics and reports
  • Nurse call systems ( AUSTCO, SEDCO, QUESTEK, CareTech, Merlon IP, Advanced care etc) output to 50mm LED displays
  • BMS control systems -with direct output to VGA display boards
  • OPC module for monitoring of industrial process control
  • SIP module - receiving dial-in alarms ( Tunstall, CareTech, ADEMCO and many others) 
  • ESPA module - managing alarms from and to systems with ESPA 4.4.4, such as fire alarms or paging systems
  • SIO module - managing alarms from and to COBS/KIRK DECT systems
  • IP-DECT - managing alarms from and to KIRK or COBS IP-DECT
  • Wi-Fi into the New Spectralink Handset ( with barcode scanning available soon)
  • SOS Access Client - monitored transfer over IP of alarms to alarm centre
  • SOS Access Server - receiver for monitored transfer of alarms over IP
  • GSM module - managing alarms to and from mobile devices via SMS or dial-up
  • Asterisk module - control of speech communications via Asterisk PBX's
  • Connection to EPigy PABX systems
  • Salcom module - POCSAG pagers

LAS is a comprehensive messaging solution.

A Lot More to LAS

LAS Communication devices can interface with a wide range of applications and platforms.  LAS interface solutions connect almost any system. LAS will work across many industries including Health, Education, Hospitality, Retail and many more. There is a lot of information within our website so please explore the site fully, but be sure to call us to discuss your needs so that we can show you how LAS may be the perfect solution for your market sector.

LAS Community Support

LAS projects often see us working with great people providing care to those who need it most.  It is our privilege to support Youngcare as our chosen charity.  To find out how you can help too, visit the Youngcare website.

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