Product Features

LAS Comes with Integrated Customisation Ability

The Local Alarm System can be customised and maintained in a number of ways and provide feedback to an administrator in many forms.  Some of these features include:

  • Data Base Backup and Restore
  • Editable Alarm Types
  • Escalation of Alarms
  • Reporting of all systems events (PDF, Excel, Word)
  • Scheduled Email reports
  • Customized Reports

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A Lot More to LAS

LAS Communication devices can interface with a wide range of applications and platforms.  LAS interface solutions connect almost any system. LAS will work across many industries including Health, Education, Hospitality, Retail and many more. There is a lot of information within our website so please explore the site fully, but be sure to call us to discuss your needs so that we can show you how LAS may be the perfect solution for your market sector.

LAS Community Support

LAS projects often see us working with great people providing care to those who need it most.  It is our privilege to support Youngcare as our chosen charity.  To find out how you can help too, visit the Youngcare website.

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